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Get Intimate with Octavia Tomyn

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Behind our new collection, Commune, is a Melbourne-based artist Octavia Tomyn, who is known for her themes of love, relationships, and intimacy in her work. She captures these through the simplicity and movement of bare lines and bold abstract shapes.



A call to celebrate love and connection in all forms -- Octavia brings a strong message to the Commune collection. Her designs Unity, Harmony, Fusion, and Universe, honor every form of love present in our lives.
We spoke with her to learn more about her process and her inspiration behind Commune

Unity - Commune collection

What were you seeking to express with the designs of the Commune collection? What feelings do you want the designs to evoke?
I always want my work to speak about connection through relationships and self reflection. I love the lifestyle aspect of the Sora brand, how it goes beyond its innovative product and into the lives of its customers. It is important to me that my work speaks into peoples lives in a relatable and familiar way. I want the viewer to feel seen and loved, reminding them of what is special and important in their lives. I want to celebrate our precious relationships, memories and experiences. The commune collection speaks about these things offering symbolism through shape and connection through line.

What do communion and togetherness mean to you, personally? How does this transcend to your work for the Commune collection? 
This is a really important theme in my work and a concept that composes my figures. I love to explore the connection we share with other humans that may be invisible to the eye but it’s feeling is certainly tangible, as if we are physically connected with someone no matter where they may be in the world or beyond. We are designed to be different and diverse but unified and complete as one. Togetherness is what we are striving for, and the world has never felt the need for it more. For my Commune artworks, togetherness and community is expressed through line and shape overlapping and connecting, no beginning or end. The many making a whole. Our differences coming together to make something truly beautiful and unique.

Octavia Tomyn Quote

Do you feel that the pandemic (with all the social distancing and quarantine measures) has added meaning to the overall idea of communion, and the designs of this collection? In what ways? 
I think we have all felt that basic need for human contact and community since it has been limited and sometimes even removed through distancing and lockdowns. It has refined the way we see our busy lives and the people in it. It has brought a focus on what is important in life. Our experiences and memories of better times and connecting with those we love has become more precious, with a longing for life to return to those more carefree times. We yearn for connection, community, to be seen and heard, to travel again, to hug freely, to love... my designs were inspired but these ideas and I think their value holds even more weight in our pandemic era. 

We are designed to be different - Octavia Tomyn quote

Are there any particular experiences or feelings that inspired any of the designs? 
The designs explore different types of love and connection through relationships. Romantic love and the story two individuals build together as their two lives become one. Friendship and the idea of giving and taking, sharing, growing and reflecting represented in the twin women with vessels. And finally community, team work, family, diversity and working together to build something worthwhile, making a difference for the future- the sum is greater than its separate parts. 

If the Commune collection could communicate one particular message to those who see or even own the pieces, what would it be? 
Love yourself by loving those around you.

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