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Work out at home: legs & butt with Airess

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We've always admired volleyball coach, friend of the brand and Flow muse Airess for her dedication and integrity she displays both on and off the court. This time, she's back with a 3-part work out series designed to keep us strong at home.


20-minute legs & butt training. 
20 reps each / 4 sets
1. Banded Pulsing donkey kick back
2. Banded Straight leg Glute kick
3. Banded Glute Bridge Abductors
4. Banded Fire Hydrants
5. Banded side squat and jump squat

 1. banded pulsing donkey kick back


2. banded straight leg glute kick

3. banded glute bridge abductors

4. banded fire hydrants

5. banded side squat and jump squat



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