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Meet Chi Gibbs, the artist behind Venice

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Venice is a collection in collaboration with multi-talented artist, Chi Gibbs. Co-founder, printmaker, and designer at neon island, Chi has used the colours and shapes that she's known for to bring this collection to life. Read on to know more about what inspired Venice, art and destinations that inspire Chi, how to deal with a creative block, and more.


How did you find yourself in art and design? 

Art has always been a love of mine. I grew up around it. My mom paints and had a couple of exhibits growing up and I would paint with her!  I never really considered pursuing it professionally up until after college. I started my clothing brand Neon Island as a weekend passion project while I had a day job. I fell in love with print design immediately and now do it full time.


What was your inspiration for this collection?

I designed this collection right after I’d gotten back from California so I was super inspired by Palm Springs & the mid-century modern architecture there!



Do you have a dream project?

It would be a dream of mine to work with brands internationally.  I’d love to work with Nike! 

You are a creative in all senses of the word: are there new mediums you want to try out? 

I have just recently dabbled in music and it’s been such a creatively challenging experience. I absolutely love it! 

How do you deal with a creative block?

I always say this, but I feel like the most creative people have interdisciplinary minds. So I make it a point to read outside of art and fashion. I love psych books and biographies! 



Destination that inspired you the most? 

In recent years I’d have to say Barcelona. Gaudi’s work everywhere left me awestruck!  

Favourite piece of art?

So hard to choose just one but I love anything by Matisse! Maybe “interior with Egyptian curtain” or “the sheaf."


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