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Our collaboration with Lacausa: the 'Unwind' towel

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We've come together with our friends at Lacausa to create a towel for their 'Flow' activewear line, an entire collection made from recycled material. Here's Lacausa founder Rebecca and creative director Kelynn discussing the idea behind the 'Unwind' towel and the meaning behind its design.

1. What's the story behind the 'Flow' collection? What made you decide to create an activewear line for your brand? Is there a personal attachment to yoga or fitness, a need you want to address?

Activewear is something we always wanted to do! 2020 was such a reset for us as a business and for everyone personally. As we all dove into our practices at home, we got more and more inspired to create something really special. It gave us time to develop the collection slowly and be as environmentally conscious and responsible as possible throughout our process, getting the fits just right and finding the best recycled and organic materials.

2. In the description for the towel design, you said it was called "Unwind" as a reminder to get back into our bodies and into nature. Can you elaborate more on that? Why is this the message in particular what you wanted the design of this towel to communicate?

All of FLOW is really about getting back into your body, out into nature and moving in ways that feel good to you. The spiral in the towel design originates from the shape of our FLOW logo which is based on a logarithmic spiral ~ the proportional harmonies that can be found in everything from an atom to a galaxy to the wings of a butterfly or the human body in motion.

In short, nature is full of spirals. This towel is the perfect addition to the whole collection and really encompasses the vision. 

3. The word "unwind" is open to a lot of interpretation and unwinding definitely looks different for different people. Could you share your personal understanding of unwinding, and the ways you practice it in your everyday life?

Kelynn: Unwinding feels like grounding to me. Making sure to take the time to take care of yourself, to meditate, to stretch after a long day, to rest when you need it.

Rebecca: Yes, grounding! Simply feeling your back touching the ground again, your feet, your sitz bones... Reconnecting to your body in a way that relaxes and deepens your breath is the ultimate unwind. I also understand this as downregulating the nervous system, which to me has become a real key to keeping balance in my mind and body. 

The 'Unwind' towel is now available on our website.

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