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SORA Gift Guide 01 - Gifting Sustainable & Ethical

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Sora Gift Guide 1


With the number of gifts one can receive during the holiday season, there is always bound to be unwanted, under-appreciated, and unused pieces that pile up year after year.  To go against the grain, we wish to encourage intentional and meaningful gift giving, not just between the connections we make in our lives, but to the ecosystems we are a part of. 

Choosing sustainable, ethical, natural, fair-trade or artisan-made options, not only contribute to saving the planet and the greater economy, but also provides a loving platform to start conversations and learn from each other about mindful consumption. After all,  consuming better includes gifting better. 

In this list, we share products that your loved ones will appreciate from businesses who value the planet and its people like we do:

Avocado Green Mattress


Yoga Meditation Pillow

Encourage holistic mindfulness with a meditation pillow made of a buckwheat fill and organic cotton cover - all natural and organic to give the gift of peace to the ones you love

$79 USD |

Indoor Garden Kit by Mod Sprout


Indoor Garden Kit

Herbs are a great entry way to growing food at home. This just-add-water kit from Mod sprout is fail-proof way to introduce sustainability into your loved one’s life


$25 USD |

Bathing Culture - Mind & Body Wash


Mind & Body Wash

One soap for all means less packaging. Certified organic, this all around soap is good for you  and the planet, with its refillable and glass bottle for keeps.


Trekky Sandals

With style and sustainability in mind, Arizona Trekky sandals come with uppers made of recycled plastic bottles, comfortable enough for easy hikes and chic enough for daily life in the city


$25 USD |

 Hejhej - Recycled Yoga Mat


Recycled Yoga Mat

The first closed-loop yoga mat, each mat is made from  secondary raw materials  that give each piece added color and visual texture while preserving quality and functionality.


€198,00 |

 Vera Cruz - Sora Towel


Veracruz Towel

Visually reminiscent of nature while made with the planet in mind, Veracruz makes the perfect gift for your Earth-loving friends with its fabric made of recycled post-consumer plastic.

$68 USD |

Kombucha Starter Kit - The Kombucha Shop


Kombucha Starter Kit

Organic and locally sourced, Kombucha Love gives importance to community and ethical sourcing of each part of this kit. Save a friend from overspending over kombucha and give them a brand new platform to get creative.


$45 |

Necessity Kit - F. Miller


Necessity Kit

Travel-friendly and all-natural, F Miller’s Necessity Kit comes in a handy reusable recycled washed paper bag along with skin care essentials rooted from social, ethical and natural consciousness.


$158 CAD |

Back Beat Co - Recycled Cotton Sweater


Recycled Cotton Sweater

Everyone needs a good plain sweatshirt, especially one made of recycled cotton  and sourced sustainably and ethically by Back Beat Co and their commitment to people and the planet.


$88 |

Aqua Virdi Eau de Parfum - Sigil



Aqua Virdi Eau de Parfum

Merging Old-world perfumery techniques and ingredients from the Earth, Sigil sheds light to traditional art of perfumery, craftsmanship and natural sourcing. Give the gift of memory with a thoughtful scent  that reminds you of the good days.


$130 USD |


This guide does not include affiliates or partners and was written out of love for these products. Sora does not take any commission or earn from any products outside of Sora.


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