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SORA Gift Guide 02 - Gifting Beautiful & Practical

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SORA Gift Guide 02

When shopping for gifts, you might find yourself torn between choosing something that might bring ease in life or something to swoon over with. Many times, one wins over the other when in fact, all we want is a balance in form and function -- something that has a purpose while being undeniably appealing and fitting to one’s style. 


We’ve searched to find  a few other products that share the same desire as us at Sora. We’ve listed down beautiful products  that your loved ones can seamlessly add to their lifestyle both visually and functionally. 

Our Place Always Pan


Always Pan

A cult-favorite, this essential is beautifully designed to replace multiple kitchen tools in one single pan while looking sleek and offering multiple colors, perfect for every cook in your life.


$145 USD |


Kumiko Kit - Pop Studio


Kumiko Kit

Welcome the intricate Japanese art of Kumiko with beautifully crafted wooden pieces you can turn into Trivets or coasters. Poj Studio turns such mundane pieces into artfully done work driven by culture and tradition.


$38 USD |


LRNCE - Small Plates Set


Small Plates Set

We think small plates are so versatile and an underrated necessity in every home. From snacks to sides and even trinkets, you can never really have too much plates around especially when they are these fun and beautiful.


€105 |


Quarterly Goal Planner - Pocketo


Quarterly Goal Planner

Ever started a yearly journal and failed to carry through? We’re pretty sure your friends have too. Pocketo eases the pressure with a journal you can go through every quarter so you can accomplish your goals and start and end anytime of the year.



$28USD |


SORA - Fusion Towel


Fusion Towel

With a message as beautiful as its’ design, this multi-purpose towel is designed in collaboration with Melbourne-based artist, Octavia Tomyn and speaks about giving, taking, sharing and receiving - a fitting intention for the holidays. 


$68 USD|


The Sunshine Series - Hemp Market Bag


Hemp Market Bag

Made of 100% hemp canvas, this weekend  tote is spacious to fit everything you need with pockets for essentials and even your yoga mat. With it’s warm palette, this makes the perfect gift  to make more beautiful memories with your best friends, from Yoga class to the weekend market to a quick beach trips.


$120 USD |


Skin Worldwide - Marianne Wrap


The Marianne Wrap 

Wrap your loved ones in warmth and style with a multi-purpose cardigan. Beautifully made from cashmere, its equally comfortable to lounge in as it is chic to style for work. 


$250 USD|


Vija Wavy Stand - Sea and Pattern



Even as the world heals, an extra layer of protection to the people that matters most would be ideal. Molekule offers a portable yet powerful, Air purifier that is sleek enough and small enough to seamlessly fit into anyone’s home.


$240 USD |

Vija Wavy Stand


Vija Wavy Stand

A decor that  also serves as a spoon rest, a phone stand, a trinket tray and more while looking fun and ever flowing. Anyone will surely find space and use  for something as easy and multi-use as this concrete stand.


$44 USD|



Salamat Ceramics - Channel Mugs


Channel Mugs

Honestly, one can never have one-too-many mugs, especially when it’s beautifully crafted, timeless and simple. Here’s one from Salamat, a purposeful ceramic studio based in LA, which also means ‘thank you’ in Filipino. 


$40 USD |


This guide does not include affiliates or partners and was written out of love for these products. Sora does not take any commission or earn from any products outside of Sora.

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