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Working with Your Advocacy with Isabelle Landicho

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Isabelle is a London-based stylist and editor, who makes up 1/2 of the creative duo behind IE studios, a collaboration with her partner Elena that offers creative services to brands that share their advocacy of sustainability, inclusivity, and ethicality. Keep on reading as Isabelle shares the importance of balance and boundaries (among other things) in both their personal lives and work, while still remaining true to their advocacies.



A big part of both your personal and business ethos is living a sustainable lifestyle -- how does your focus on environmentalism interact with your creativity and your overall approach to projects? 

We work with the environment at the forefront of our minds not just within our business but especially in our personal life too. By working exclusively with like-minded individuals, environmentalism dictates our creative process every step of the way and most of the time inspires it, which is what makes our business model so unique. 
Due to our commitment to working and living mindfully it has never felt like a limitation in any way, the simplest option can often be the most wasteful so this enables us to be more creative in our endeavours and makes us think three steps ahead to do what works best for us and Mother Nature. 

When your work is guided by your advocacy, there's a tendency for you to pour in too much of yourselves and risking burnout. How do you strike a balance between your work and your advocacy? 
Setting boundaries, rest and forgiveness is something we are both definitely learning and implementing in 2021! 
We are not perfect in our practice professionally and personally, however we have learnt over time not to blame ourselves for not being so. It has previously lead to shame and anxiety which serves no one, we can only strive to do the best that we can as environmentalism is a journey personal to the individual. 

In terms of boundaries, it very much becomes blurred when it comes to working with something you are so passionate about. But it helps to remind ourselves that whilst we love our work, we are not our work and it is necessary to rest and not be “on” 24/7.  Taking a break and immersing ourselves in our hobbies remind ourselves of who we are, what we enjoy and provides us the space in which to reflect on why we do this in the first place.

How important is it to the work process to align yourself with like-minded individuals or people who share the same values? In what way has this shared perspective impacted your dynamics as partners?
It’s the most important! Our work with The Earth Issue is rooted in conscious progress through sustainability, ethicality and inclusivity. The backbone of our business is to instigate change through our work and collaborate with people who share the same values as us to create creative content with purpose and intention. 

This is impossible without like-minded people and our green community (one that continues to grow and flourish) the adversity we faced in 2020 has brought us closer than ever before, we actually celebrated the end of the year by releasing a portrait series featuring friends within our green community asking them what it is they are grateful for, there was resounding gratitude from every individual. The challenges we face can only be overcome through unity and strength in numbers, it is our mission to uphold our responsibilities the best way we know how, through our creative practice. 

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