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The Gratitude List

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The Gratitude List

As the year closes in, we wish to celebrate ‘A Week Of Gratitude’  with you by opening our senses and connecting us deeper with ourselves and the people we value. Here at Sora, we cherish everyone who has shared their energies, resources and hearts with us, especially during the toughest of times. We recognize that gratitude is a practice and it is something we wish to continuously learn with you. 


We begin this week with a tool to help us make space for love and joy. The Gratitude List is an activity of intention created to keep track of the good things in life. Join us in this journey of reconnecting with our sense of appreciation for the things we have in our lives.


The Gratitude List - Keep track of the good things in life


Take time to go through this worksheet and reflect on what truly makes you grateful. No answer is ever wrong nor does it have to be deep. Know that this space will always be available for you to return to especially on days when gratitude is far from reach. 

This workbook is free for download by clicking here. We wish you a heart that is full, a mind that is calm, and a spirit that is fulfilled, accomplished and ever-growing.




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