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The SORA towel



We all know what it’s like to have a closet full of towels for different occasions: one for yoga, one to keep you dry at the pool or beach, one to lounge on for the out-of-town weekend trips. We couldn’t find a towel that could do it all, let alone fit into our bags without taking up much space. So we set out to make one that would never weigh us down - a towel that allows us to move freely from the yoga mat to the beach, from city to sea (while looking cute at the same time).




The idea was to make it easy for you to keep moving through the days as you want to, with one towel that does it all. Most importantly, we wanted to achieve this by being as kind as we can to our planet. 

Whether it's making sure that our towels are made from recycled materials, down to the small details (like packaging and business cards that are made ethically), we know that collectively, these little bits matter. We want you to have it all – a towel that makes a statement both visually and ethically.




We make hardworking yet beautifully simple solutions. The SORA towel is highly absorbent and dries fast, to keep up with the adventurous life you seek to live. We also made sure it packs small and light, so it can travel freely with you without being a burden. Yogis will be pleased to know that our towels have moisture activated grip. If you need a little help, dampening your hands and feet with a bit of water will help you stay grounded.




We are friends who have roots in Japan and Norway, and wanted to incorporate the simple and functional design ethos of our home countries into our brand.  'Sør' in Norwegian translates to south, and 'sora' in Japanese means sky. We believe in staying light, being grounded, while always reaching for new heights.

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